Transcript of Humble

Go back to the room.

What is the why for you?
What questions or resources would you like to share?
Build passion for lifelong learning
positive contributions to the world
Critical Thinkers that are personally responsible for themselves and others. Can they make it on their own with no help?
To inspire children to be lifelong learners.
Education is power!
To empower individuals to create the life they dream of...
Finding personal passions
To never ever ever stop learning
For my son to be a responsible and ambitious citizen for his future and the future of our world.
To empower individuals to become the best they can be.
finding their "best"
always keep learning
Finding their "calling" and what they are truly passionate about
to help students realize their sense of belonging - to find their passions, to make their mark
facilitate students finding their passions
Foster citizens who are critical thinkers, imagineers, and curious about the world in which we live.
persist through any struggles and barriers that might be placed in their path
Understand the changing world around them.
To empower others to be excited about their own learning.
To instill curiosity and passion for learning.
grow learners
To create a globally aware, conscientious citizen that has the ability to pursue a variety of passions and have an inquiring mind
Because our students deserve more
To create the mind set not to settle, to keep their dream moving forward
Building good humans to transform our future.
see, feel and hear that they can have a positive impact on world close to them and far away
empower to fulfill their future opportunities
Allow students to be risk takers.
To prepare students and families to be physically, socially, emotionally, and mentally literate
equip students so that they know how to engage in their world and CAN be the change they wish to see in our world.
If we don't prepare our kids to deal with messy problems we are misleading them.
Love the concept of mindful walking. As adults, we don't even often take time for this. We need to find ways to build reflection into school
Personalized learning includes authenticity, meaningful, rigorous demonstration of desired outcomes.
Number 9:
Thinking Interdependently
Thinking Interdependently
Number 9:
Number 11:
16: Learning Continuously
We did a Chatterpix!! Number 12
#13 Responsible Risk Taking:
Number 5:
Number 5:
#13 Responsible Risk Taker (updated):
Let me see if I've got this right...
What else might you do to have the students demonstrate their mastery?
How could you design something that would address the needs of the three groups of students you mentioned.