WonderGrove Animated Lessons: Wash Your Hands, Cover Your Mouth


With the spread of Covid-19, good hygiene habits are of utmost importance. To help teach those habits, WonderGrove is offering two free animated lessons to share with your Pre-K to 2nd grade classrooms to encourage students to “wash their hands” and “cover their mouths when they cough.”


When WonderGrove animated characters wash their hands and cover their mouth, kiddos will copy them!

Why? Because outside of school students watch cartoons during 85% of their free time on some kind of device – including a cell phone. When students watch an animated story in the classroom, they immediately respond with the same familiar enthusiasm. They will mimic what they see.

The WonderGrove animation lessons are a multi-Sensory teaching tool. In each of these two animated stories, students can see their favorite characters cover their mouth, hear the characters talking about good health and talk about the viewing experience with peers and teachers. The printable extension lessons that accompany each animated lesson provide the sense of touch.


Watch the “Wash Your Hands” and “Cover Your Mouth When You Cough” animated lessons on WonderGrove.


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