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The 16 Habits of Mind were identified by Dr. Bena Kallick and Dr. Arthur Costa through their groundbreaking, decades-long research on how humans successfully face challenges.

What Are the Habits of Mind?


A “Habit of Mind” means having a disposition toward behaving intelligently when confronted with problems. When humans experience dichotomies, are confused by dilemmas, or come face to face with uncertainties—our most effective actions require drawing forth certain patterns of intellectual behavior. When we draw upon these intellectual resources, the results that are produced are more powerful, of higher quality and of greater significance than if we fail to employ those intellectual behaviors.

The Habits of Mind Are Problem Solvers

How to Teach Habits of Mind by Jean Edwards

A practical, downloadable handbook on ways to teach Habits of Mind to students levels 1-6, Jean Edwards' How to Teach Habits of Mind provides ideas and strategies for how to get your class started using the Habits of Mind. This book includes tools, prompts and worksheets for infusing the Habits of Mind into the classroom.

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