Tapping Into the 5 Senses to Support Students With Disabilities

By Daniel Vollrath Activities that draw upon the five senses—such as spending time outdoors—can be centering for students in special education. Our ability to smell, taste, hear, touch, and see plays an essential part in our everyday lives. These senses help us interpret thoughts and feelings about our surrounding environment and contribute to well-being. In […]

Research Proven Back-to-School Anxiety and Coping Strategies for Students, School Staff and Family Members

Teaching children about persisting fosters resilience, growth mindset, self-efficacy, emotional regulation, goal-setting, and self-awareness. These skills are essential for promoting positive mental health. Click here for claims based upon research for K-3. Click here for claims based upon research for 4-6. Teaching children about managing impulsivity in elementary school equips them with essential mental health […]

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