Fall 2021 Opportunity for Early Childhood Classrooms!

  In a partnership with Wonder Media Animation, Reflective Educational Research is studying the impacts of WonderGrove videos on students’ social skills, adaptive behaviors, and life skills. Using an experimental research design, this is the first-ever empirical study conducted on the use and impacts of the WonderGrove Social Skills video library in traditional classroom settings. […]

De-escalation with Habits of Mind

  Many situations in life can be overwhelming and overstimulate your brain. When this occurs it is a sign that your brain needs a rest. This video will help you learn more about getting from your downstairs brain to your upstairs brain through the use of five Habits of Mind. And, giving your body and […]

The Launch Pad for Success

  Sight. Sound. Touch. Taste. Smell. That’s right! When those five senses are stimulated they can make us more creative and effective. This video will hopefully guide you to discovering your senses and how they can best be utilized in creating a working station for success. As teachers, we can encourage autonomous learning through habits […]

The Balcony View

  Frustration, anger, anxiety…we have all been there. The ability to manage those emotions takes an ability to sit back and observe those stressful performances. In this video, you will be provided with three strategies that can assist in getting to that calm and regulated state of mind. Plus, how to find meaning in your […]

It’s Time to Hyperfocus!

  Getting started on any assignment can be a struggle. The mind wanders and you are constantly redirecting your focus back to the task at hand. In this video, you will learn how to become more intentional, focused, and efficient in completing a task. And, when that path of concentration gets lost, how to bring […]

Discover the 16 Habits of Mind

  Discover the 16 Habits of Mind and how they best fit into your learning and life beyond the classroom. While watching this video you will be able to see the true importance of habits and their ability to overcome obstacles in life. As teachers, we can encourage autonomous learning through habits of mind. Everything […]

WonderGrove Animated Lessons: Wash Your Hands, Cover Your Mouth

  With the spread of Covid-19, good hygiene habits are of utmost importance. To help teach those habits, WonderGrove is offering two free animated lessons to share with your Pre-K to 2nd grade classrooms to encourage students to “wash their hands” and “cover their mouths when they cough.”   When WonderGrove animated characters wash their […]

Using Animation to Teach Habits like ‘Persisting’

  This blog post is part of an ASCD partnership with Wonder Media. To see all blog posts from Wonder Media on the 16 Habits of Mind, you can click here.   The challenge of teaching the Habits of Mind to very young students isn’t the language involved – children love the vocabulary, because they love anything that […]

Animating All Students

  Gregory van Zuyen reports on the way Terry Thoren and Rudy Verbeeck are using cartoons to help teach language skills and learning habits in class One of the many challenges facing educators at this time of year is getting students back into the right behavioral mode for learning. It’s natural for students to slip […]

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