Special Education Blog Series by Daniel Vollrath, Ed.D.

“Habits of Mind is the bridge between old behaviors to a newly discovered set of productive actions.”

In the field of special education, students with a learning disability encompass a diverse group that present a wide range of abilities that need to be challenged in order to excel in a general education curriculum and in life after high school. With this in mind, students with a learning disability need to develop the Habits of Mind that students without a learning disability present. Just as teachers present particular habits of mind through deep questioning and analyzing of their own practice, students with a learning disability need the opportunities to emulate this daily in and outside of the classroom. To do this, we as educators need to recognize how to blend dispositional thinking into the learning of students with a learning disability.

In my work with the Habits of Mind, I have found over time that through habitual practice with the 16 dispositions, their effects can successfully strengthen and reinforce productive behaviors for students with a learning disability. To demonstrate the importance of Habits of Mind within the special education learning environment, as well as in an inclusive setting, I am going to assemble informative blogs centered around specific strategies, tips, instructional approaches, and a variety of other topics in working with students with a learning disability.

As these blogs are focused on informing and proliferating my knowledge in reference to the habits and special education, it is equally important to hear your questions and ideas in reference to this topic. That being said, please feel free to send me topics, questions, or ideas you would like to learn more about. In addition, I invite you to share your own practices within the classroom.

Send requests to: danvollrath44@gmail.com. In addition, following my social media feed on Twitter: @HabitsofMindInc, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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