The Habits of S.U.C.C.E.S.S.



This book is written for teachers, parents and anyone seeking to help their students and children become more skillful thinkers.

The first two chapters of this book provide background information. They describe the changing needs of the global workplace, the need for education to keep pace with it and the latest discoveries in the field of neuroscience and how this affects the way we learn and teach.

Chapters 3 to 11 describe the mental habits that make for successful thinking. These are the Habits of Mind that Professor Arthur L. Costa and Dr. Bena Kallick discovered are the common traits exhibited by successful individuals from all walks of life.

Mind Maps at the end of each chapter serve as a chapter summary. There are also crossword puzzles and various word games at the end of each chapter describing the mental habits. These games are designed to add fun while increasing your understanding of that habit.

Humorous stories relating to each habit are added to illustrate the habit of finding humor and to enhance learning and memory. Practical ideas on cultivating the habits can be found in chapter 11.

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