Research On Habits of Mind



Does implementing the Habits of Mind work?
You bet it does!

From the foreword by Arthur Costa and Bena Kallick:

We are extremely grateful to Jenny Edwards for her persistence in striving for accuracy, flexibility, clear and precise language, and her openness to continuous learning. She has synthesized substantial research that indicates that students, from elementary grades through adulthood, prosper intellectually, socially, and emotionally as they learn Habits of Mind. Teachers form stronger bonds with colleagues, schools develop a culture of mindfulness, and individual teachers report renewed dedication, energy, and excitement about their teaching.

This publication will be a valuable resource to those who wish to deepen their understanding of Habits of Mind and those who wish to share the impact of Habits of Mind with others who may ask, “What evidence do you have that all this works?”

Investigating, adopting, implementing, and sustaining the Habits of Mind takes time.

The journey toward internalization is never fully complete, and that is what gives the Habits of Mind dignity. They are as good for adults as they are for students. All of us can get better at the Habits of Mind. We encourage more researchers to conduct studies on the Habits of Mind.

Research On Habits of Mind is a “must have” publication for anyone interested in implementing the Habits of Mind in schools and school districts. Table of contents below.




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