Raising Caring, Capable Kids (Downloadable Product)



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From the foreword, by Bill Lucas:

I am certain that the long game of parenting is the one to focus on. By the same token I am confident that, if parents adopt the methods described in this book, their children will become better able to concentrate, good at managing distractions, confident in the face of difficulty, great at asking good questions, flexible in the way they go about solving problems and skilled at working with different people.

In short they will become powerful learners, well-equipped for the 21st century world in which we are bringing them up.

Parents are our first and most powerful educators. What they do matters. But how they do what they do matters even more. Raising Caring, Capable Kids with Habits of Mind offers wonderful support for parents across the world who want to help their children succeed and thrive.

Raising Caring, Capable Kids with Habits of Mind provides many engaging stories and examples for parents to help their children succeed and thrive in school as well as in life. There are practical tips that apply to daily life with children–for issues big and small– everything from managing homework to resolving arguments between siblings to encouraging the reluctant child. This book breaks new ground in taking the Habits of Mind out of the classroom and into the home.

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