Mindful Garden of Verses (PAPERBACK)


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From the foreword by Arthur Costa and Bena Kallick:

The 21st century is full of changes, uncertainties, and problems to be solved by our children. What an exciting time to invent the future! The Habits of Mind are the attitudes they will need to be thoughtful citizens of the world that we hope to be guided by creative and critical thinking.

These habits, however, are not the only necessary characteristics of creative, skillful future problem solvers, they are also the attitudes of effective, successful learners today.

Marie Ciota has thoughtfully, creatively and humorously captured our habits through whimsical poetry and colorful graphic illustrations in a way that makes them real and accessible. She is a gifted teacher who understands how children think – and has brought her gifts to classroom teaching for many years. We hope that you enjoy this book and share it with as many children as you find may energize your life!

Help introduce and explore the Habits of Mind with your students using this engaging collection of 17 poems. This children’s book and accompanying learning resources helps brings the Habits of Mind to life in the early and middle years classroom. Poetry Book: Features a poem that reinforces each habit, along with a delightful, colourful collage sure to capture the attention of students from the earliest years to year 8. Easy to use as a read aloud book.

When you purchase this paperback you will also receive a copy of our Mindful Garden of Verses Workbook (downloadable.)

Also available for purchase as an ebook.


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