Habits of Mind in a Magical Kingdom: Stories to Share with Young Learners (Downloadable Product)




by Andrea E. Yawman
Enrichment Teacher at Council Rock Primary School,
An International Habits of Mind Learning Community of Excellence
Brighton Central School District, Rochester, New York USA


Nothing brings Habits of Mind to life for our youngest learners like a story, especially a story with a lovable wizard and his friends from across the kingdom! This purchase includes a PowerPoint with slides for four stories to share with students. Each story features four Habits of Mind and characters who need to use their habits to solve problems. Before each story, you will find a mini-lesson to introduce the four Habits, and following each story is an activity for students to practice using the Habits of Mind that were featured. Also included are reproducibles for the activities and family letters that tell about each lesson and story.

Once you have made this purchase, you will receive:

  • The 76-slide PowerPoint
  • A pdf file that includes the lesson and story texts for four stories, reproducibles, and directions for use.

Grab your magic wands and amulets and welcome your students to a magical world where they will learn about and develop Habits of Mind.

Suggested for use with 4 to 8-year-old students.