Habits of Mind for Home Schooling: A Guide for Parents and Teachers



Author, Aixa Perez-Prado:

“Once I learned about the Habits of Mind, I became passionate about passing them on to my own children. I was also eager to share my knowledge with the homeschool community we are a part of. First, I wrote a few articles on the HoM for a homeschooling magazine, then I started teaching a Habits of Mind class in a local enrichment program. From there, I began to construct activities and strategies for kids to work on with their parents at home. The more I experimented with my own kids and students, the more I discovered what worked and what didn’t. Through creative experimentation, often initiated by the kids themselves, new ideas emerged. I thought it would be great to share these activities in the form of a book. I hope using this book is a helpful and enjoyable guide for kids and parents alike as they explore the HoM together.”

This title is a downloadable ebook.

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