Habits of Mind 1: Introducing


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The Habits of Mind are a collection of learner attitudes and dispositions that can powerfully supplement the academic content in your classroom. This Learning Path will help you to become familiar with the definition, significance, and nuance of each habit. Persisting, Thinking Flexibly, and Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations are just three of the 16 Habits of Mind that will support students in improved citizenship, while also promoting strategic reasoning, insightfulness, and perseverance in and out of the classroom.

Learning Path Outcomes:

  • Describe the 16 Habits of Mind and their importance for 21st-century skill development.
  • Apply Habits of Mind to unit and lesson design.
  • Determine how social learning networks can be utilized for continuous learning

Continuing Education credits: Act 48 (Pennsylvania), CTLE (New York)
Duration: 4 hours

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