HABITS CENTER STAGE: Using Drama to Teach and Enhance the Habits of Mind

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Habits Center Stage is designed to support student understanding of the Habits of Mind, using Drama to make the learning come alive! Entertaining scenes and activities provide opportunities for numerous ‘tried and true’ teaching strategies: story telling, role playing, class team building…and more! With specific focus on each of the 16 Habits of Mind, Habits Center Stage can be used by any teacher in any subject area, and no Drama experience is required for either teacher or student. Lively, physical, and often hilarious— your students will enjoy deepening their knowledge of the concepts and relevance of the HOMs via entertaining and thought provoking dramatic ‘play.’

What you will find in this Resource:

  • optional teacher ‘scripting’ to introduce the scenes and activities for the teacher less familiar with using Drama in the classroom
  • entertaining scenes designed to take the learner ‘inside’ the Habits of Mind
  • lively team building activities designed to ‘work’ the HOMs as a class
  • interesting and relevant discussion topics to inspire student thought and connections
  • fun, laughter, and the joy of learning for all!

PLUS you’ll receive a CD with 47 printable scripts for classroom use.

Physical copies of this title can be purchased through Spectrum Education.

Also available to purchase as a ebook here.


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