Assessment Strategies for Self-Directed Learning



Are we preparing students for a life of tests or for the tests of life?

Educators agree that the characteristics of self-directed learners are traits that students will need to succeed in school and in life. Accurately assessing the skills and behaviors of self-directed learning is essential in developing life-long, self-initiated learning habits. Assessment Strategies for Self-Directed Learning provides successful methods for assessing students’ progress towards becoming self-managing, self-monitoring, and self-modifying learners. Using practical examples drawn from a variety of classrooms and schools, renowned authors Arthur L. Costa and Bena Kallick present educators with strategies for designing diverse ways of gathering, organizing, and reporting evidence of continual learning. This hands-on book provides the practical tools that educators need to implement these ideas, including:

  • Classroom activities
  • Sample rubrics
  • Forms, portfolios, questions, and checklists
  • Examples of student work


Assessment Strategies for Self-Directed Learning offers a more balanced and complete evaluation method that includes classroom-based assessments that complement state-based assessments. Authors Costa and Kallick illustrate the means to develop and cultivate the intellectual dispositions of self-evaluation and self-correction in all students.


Available as a paperback and as an ebook through Corwin.


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