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Like metaphors, pithy quotations can deepen meanings with a few, well chosen words.  This collection of quotations by authors, artists, philosophers, psychologists, businesspeople, athletes, scientists, statespeople, and historians is intended to accompany and illuminate the 16 Habits of Mind described by Arthur L. Costa and Bena Kallick in their series of four books, Habits of Mind: A Developmental Series, published in 2000 by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

The purpose of this collection is to support anyone working with the Habits of Mind with an additional resource.  Selected quotations may be:

  • made into banners or posters to mount in conspicuous places as reminders,
  • studied to find what  hidden meanings and relationships might be disclosed,
  • highlighted in  monthly calendars focusing on one of the Habits of Mind,
  • chosen as a topic to stimulate further writing and reflection,
  • the focus of “words to live by” for an extended period of time,
  • related to a topic of study in one or more content areas,
  • used in other ways that you will create.

The collection opens with quotations about the nature and definition of a habit of mind.  The quotations are then categorized around each of the 16 Habits of Mind. The first selection in each category is my favorite as I think it communicates the essence of that habit so adroitly. Because sometimes I found it difficult to classify them into only one category, some quotes appear in more than one location where appropriate. Since the Habits of Mind are as good for adults as they are for the young, the final section relates to modeling of the Habits of Mind.

This is only the beginning.  You will want to find other ways to use them as well as add to the collection.  Please send additional quotes to me and I will continue to update this collection.

Art Costa

Granite Bay, CA

E-mail: Artcosta@Aol.com