Habits of Mind Research

Northeastern Educational Research Association (NERA) Panel Presentations

Philip Gregory Muscott, Director of Curriculum at CIA FIRST International School in Cambodia

Purpose of the study:

  •  To ascertain whether there is a correlation between students’ display of the Habits of Mind and achievement in authentic performance assessments.
  • To determine the predictive power of performance in HOM assessments (cognitive) as compared to performance in knowledge and skills assessments (declarative and procedural) and essential question assessments (conceptual).
  • To find out whether it is time well spent for educators to embed the HOM in curriculum, and intentionally teach and assess them.

The Impact of Habits of Mind: An Exploratory Study

This exploratory, multiple-case study investigated how teacher-participants and student-participants perceived Habits of Mind impacted students.

Priscila Torres, Chief Academic Officer, and Business Unit Director

Damian Bebell, Assistant Research Professor at the London School of Education at Boston College

Learn how leadership, resources, and ongoing support strengthened teacher capacity and skill in using assessment, data and research to empower practices and address real-world questions during a tumultuous year.

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