Lai Peng

Lai Peng is the Director Curriculum of The Art Costa Centre for Thinking and a Professional Developer with The Institute For Habits of Mind. She graduated from the National Institute of Education, Singapore, in 1990 and obtained a Diploma in Montessori  in 1999. She is a certified Professional Developer with the Institute as well as a MIDAS administrator and a Buzan Licensed Instructor. She taught for 7 years in a Singapore School and was then the Level Head in the Science Department and Music Coordinator in the Aesthetic Department. She had many experiences in the planning of the curriculum as well as organizing school events. Lai Peng teaches and develops thinking based programme on Habits of Mind, Multiple intelligences and Mind Mapping for students and teachers from the pre-primary to the secondary levels. Some of her works include The 28 Day Habit Changing Programme and THINK KIDS Mind Mapping for PreSchoolers Programme.

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