Karen Boyes

Karen Boyes


Karen Boyes is described as “The Queen of Practicality.” An expert in effective teaching, learning and living, Karen turns research into practical and simple to use techniques that create success. As the Founder of Spectrum Education, an author, publisher of the Teachers Matter magazine and the Affiliate Director of the Institute for the Habits of Mind. A dynamic presenter, she inspires teachers and students around the globe (18 countries and counting). Karen creates an environment where it is fun to learn and it is safe to make mistakes, which is proven to produce outstanding results as it encourages participants to be relaxed and totally involved. Using a unique blend of presentation skills, she gives participants a mixture of learning tools and an improved self-awareness. Thousands of participants have benefited from Karen’s presentations. Participant’s come away re-energized and motivated and are able to integrate the information they have learned easily. She will not only educate you but inspire and motivate you. Karen has the rare ability to leave her audience buzzing. Her practical solutions for learning, teaching, living, working, communicating and growing more effectively make Karen the smart choice as a speaker and workshop leader. Karen offers: Habits of Mind workshops, seminars and conference keynotes around the world. Topics include: An Introduction to the Habits of Mind Making the Habits of Mind Visible in Learning Developing Self-Directed Learners with the Habits of Mind Habits of Mind: international good practice or Habits of Mind: the leading edge. Making the HOM Meaningful Enhancing Thoughtful Classroom Dialogue Creating a Culture of Mindfulness with the Habits of Mind Habits of Mind 4 day Boot camp.  Karen’s skill is taking the theory and making it practical. She works with students from Grade 4 to Corporate Companies, instilling the Habits of Mind and encouraging people to be mindful and thoughtful in their work and play. Karen works extensively with Graham Watts (UK) – see his bio on this website. Karen and Graham are a dynamic duo who has written 2 books, Developing Habits of Mind in Elementary Schools and Developing Habits of Mind in Secondary schools, published by ASCD. They have presented and facilitated workshops on 5 continents together and are popular conference presenters.

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