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Dr. Henry Toi is the founder and Managing Director of Nurture Craft, a group of companies specialising in developing educational content in the form of curriculum and published materials. He graduated with honours in Civil Engineering from the National University of Singapore and obtained a Masters of Education from the RMIT University in Melbourne and was awarded a doctor of business administration degree from the Australian Institute of Business, Adelaide. Among the books and educational materials he developed were an award winning “Phonics Zoo”, a parenting book, “Fulfilling your child’s potential”, a set of thinking books and the “Habits of S.U.C.C.E.S.S.” which is published in Singapore, India and Thailand. He also created a psychometric tool called The Habits of Mind Assessment Scales (THOMAS) that is used internationally to assess thinking dispositions of adults and students. Henry has taught classes ranging from preschool children to university undergraduate, developed a unique learning to learn programme for a university in Singapore. He has also trained more than 100 schools in Singapore and the region. Henry is an expert in the theory and practise of mind mapping, having published his thesis on mind maps and project management, and is one of only 4 Buzan Master trainers in the world. Henry offers: Talk, workshop, school-based long-term program, consultation & training for kids, parents and educators on: • Habits of Mind • Multiple Intelligences • Mind Mapping • Critical thinking • Creative thinking • 2013: • 1) 22 Feb and 8 Mar – Introduction to HOM and Activating HOM for 125 Primary teachers and school admin • 2) 7 Mar – Assessing and Reporting HOM to 30 Secondary school teachers • 3) 18 Mar – Assessing and Reporting HOM to 30 Secondary school teachers. Henry can be reached at:

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