Cal Hauserman

Cal Hauserman Ph.D.

Cal has taught at all levels from kindergarten to graduate school.  As a former teacher and administrator, Cal continues to believe that people and organizations, in whatever settings, can be transformed when they are empowered and self-directed.  He particularly enjoys working with schools and jurisdictions that focus on the establishment of positive and purposeful school cultures.

He has previously been a trainer with The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and is certified to train in Teacher Expectations Student Achievement (TESA).  He is currently an agency trainer for Thinking Collaborative for Adaptive Schools. He is also a certified national trainer in Classroom Management and Differentiated Instruction.

Cal’s interest in the Institute of the Habits of Mind began several years ago.  HOM aligns with his beliefs about student learning and how teachers can be more impactful.  As a certified trainer in Canada, he enjoys working with schools who want to ensure students are prepared for a future filled with many challenges.

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