Parents as Partners with Habits of Mind!

Parents are a child’s first teacher. From the moment of birth, and even before, you have influenced your child’s vocabulary, values, self-concept, personality, physical and mental health, relationships, attitudes toward learning and more.

The resources (Mindful Garden of Verses, Raising Caring, Capable Kids, and Wondergrove) that we offer will help to provide numerous strategies for you to help your child develop the dispositions of a strong, motivated and successful learner—in school and throughout life.

Parents around the world share these same questions—how can I make certain that my child will become a thoughtful and creative thinker equipped to face the complex problems of the future for which there are no easy answers?

Much study and research over many years has shown that the 16 Habits of Mind are what make people successful in many walks of life.

As your children grow throughout their elementary and secondary school years, if they choose to go on to college, as they decide on a career or job, as they become members of a community and as they raise a family of their own, these are the dispositions that will help them achieve satisfaction and success.