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How can we teach our students to think when they encounter problems and challenges to which the answers are not immediately apparent?  Watch this short video for more information on Habits of Mind Online Learning Paths:

Habits of Mind Learning Paths Informational Video

Habits of Mind Learning Paths

Habits of Mind:  Introducing

The Habits of Mind are a collection of learner attitudes and dispositions that can powerfully supplement the academic content in your classroom. This Learning Path will allow you to become familiar with the definition, significance, and nuance of each habit.

Persisting, Thinking Flexibly, and Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations are just three of the 16 Habits of Mind that, when mastered, will support students in improved citizenship while also promoting strategic reasoning, insightfulness, and perseverance in and out of the classroom.

Habits of Mind:  Activating and Engaging

After years of focusing exclusively on academic standards, bringing the Habits of Mind to life in your classroom may require a slight shift on your part, from objectives and direction to modeling and new methods of engaging learners.  Learning Continuously, Questioning and Posing Problems, and Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision will not only serve the academic success of your students, but help them condition their own minds to “always on” and self-directed learning.

Habits of Mind:  Journey of Continuous Growth

Long-term success with the Habits of Mind will require that they be fully integrated into curriculum and instruction. In this Learning Path you’ll discover that rather than yet another thing to add in, the Habits of Mind instead represent a long-term journey.

Not only will you improve your own awareness of how meaningful application of the 16 Habits of Mind can successfully impact problem-solving abilities, but you’ll also receive a useful framework and a common language for thinking, problem-solving, and communicating with others.

Habits of Mind:  Assessing

Participants will learn how growth toward internalization of the Habits of Mind requires different forms of assessment than content-based learning. Such assessments are on-going and formative and encourage self-assessment.  In this Learning Path, several forms of assessment will be described including checklists, interviews, journals and portfolios.  Each of these assessments require positive descriptors of growth with the Habits of Mind.

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