New Blog Series by Nick Bruski, Ed.D.!

Blog Series by Nick Bruski, Ed.D.

“The Habits of Mind are a lens to understand the world around us, and to empower us to live fuller and more meaningful lives, both as students, and as human beings”

The Habits of Mind are an incredibly powerful idea in an educational landscape too often focused on “standards” and test-taking.  We live in a time where knowledge is just a click away, and schooling is now much more about what we do with that knowledge, not simply imparting knowledge to our students.  The Habits are a framework that develops dispositions within our students and ourselves, that promote thoughtful engagement with both content and the world around us.

The Habits of Mind pervade every aspect of a child’s academic and social life, and we have a responsibility to empower our communities by teaching students to understand and embrace them.  One of the most compelling aspects of the Habits of Mind is that they transcend any particular content area.  But, they should be taught just like one teaches math or reading; in the context of the bigger picture and in connection with content. This learning sticks when ideas are connected to meaning.

The goal of this blog is to help others learn from our mistakes and our successes, and to paint a picture of how a community can fully embrace the Habits of Mind.  I hope to provide a useful perspective to those along their own journey of embracing the Habits of Mind in their institution or family. By sharing philosophies and practical tips, I hope that reading these entries helps you in creating, imagining and innovating your own path to success.  LEARN MORE