New Blog Post by Daniel Vollrath, Ed.D.!

Daniel Vollrath (@HabitsofMindInc) is a special education teacher at Hunterdon Central Regional High School in New Jersey, and a United States Professional Development Trainer for the Habits of Mind Institute, with a strong passion for developing curriculum, classroom culture, and mindfulness based on the Habits of Mind. Over the past five years, Daniel has gathered student and teacher reflections with the Habits of Mind which has led to a better understanding in reference to a blend of learning and dispositional thinking.

Daniel will be presenting selected reflections within a monthly series. This blog is part 2 within the series.

Exploration with the Habits of Mind

            To explore means to be curious about something– to question it, to poke at it, and eventually want to do something with what you learned. Exploration is a part of life that keeps us striving to continuously learn as we develop as human beings.  In the classroom, when exploration and curiosity successfully mesh within an activity, and students are engaged with learning, nothing is more rewarding for a teacher. So, assuming you are curious and want to experiment with how Habits of Mind will have an impact on the learning and productive behaviors of your students or, perhaps, you are wondering whether special needs students can really learn the habits, join me as I share the results of my explorations. So, get ready to delve in and get curious!  READ MORE…