Individual Practitioner Certification

If you are already using Habits of Mind as part of your daily practice and are committed to nurturing the growth of the dispositions in others, you can pursue becoming an individual practitioner certified by the Institute for Habits of Mind (IHOM).

We work with trainees to equip them through study, implementation, and coaching. Those interested should have a minimum of one year’s active experience with the Habits of Mind in a school or district/organization.

Next cohort: June 17, 2024

Badges & Tuition

Our first three badges will certify you as a Habits of Mind Individual Practitioner, giving you the ability to leverage Habits of Mind resources within your current role as a teacher, teacher-leader, or school administrator.

Tuition is $500 for each badge individually or $1,350 (10% discount) if you register for all three at once.

Each badge program is six weeks and limited to 15 individual participants.

Awareness Badge

Badge 1: Awareness (6 Weeks)

Grow foundational knowledge of each of the 16 Habits of Mind and their place in the curriculum as well as the design of lessons. Asynchronous learning modules created by co-authors of Habits of Mind, Dr. Art Costa and Dr. Bena Kallick. Cohort connections facilitated by an Institute coach.

Implementation Badge

Badge 2: Implementation (6 Weeks)

Focus on Habits of Mind and the design of learner-centered, personalized lessons and practice strategies, skills, and thinking behaviors. Asynchronous learning modules created by co-authors Dr. Art Costa, Dr. Bena Kallick and Allison Zmuda. Cohort connections facilitated by an Institute coach.

Assessment Badge

Badge 3: Assessment (6 Weeks)

Design and implement self-assessment strategies and monitor the use and growth of Habits of Mind. Asynchronous learning modules created by co-authors Dr. Art Costa, Dr. Bena Kallick and Allison Zmuda. Cohort connections facilitated by an Institute coach.


By completing this program, you will be a contributor to growing Habits of Mind by living our Institute mission of educating for a more thoughtful world.

By completing this first series, you will be certified, listed on our website and ready to:

Participant Pamela Sieger presents her program portfolio to Dr. Bena Kallick, Dr. Art Costa, and facilitator Craig Gastauer following her completion of the first three badges.

"Being able to truly think about what it is I'm thinking about, how I'm thinking about it, making sure that I am incorporating all the other 15 Habits of Mind is something that I have grown to live by. Whether it's (for) my daughters, who I'm with every day ... whether it's thinking interdependently with you as my wonderful colleagues ... (or) within the gifted platform, working with the wonderful students trying to grow them in their academic, their emotional, their psychosocial and their social intelligence."

Individual Practitioner Certification Program
Individual Practitioner cohorts meet once per week to share growth, hear how fellow group members are growing their capacities for the Habits, to ask questions and share concerns, and to receive feedback.

"The Individual Certification Pathway in the Habits of Mind is an empowering journey that facilitates personal and professional growth through impactful reflection, collaboration, experiential learning, and collegial exchange."

As a result, you are committed to fulfilling the mission of the Institute by educating for a more thoughtful world. As a certified consultant, you will serve as a strategic thinking partner and contributor to the Institute.

The Institute for Habits of Mind will:

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