Humble Independent School District

Humble Independent School District

Power of Possibilities

June 7, 2017

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Interactions and Social Construction

  • Powerpoint Presentation – DOWNLOAD
  • Mentimeter: What are some phrases that you might use to summarize the why for Humble ISD?


TodaysMeet: Design Inquiry Based Questions: LINK

  • Transcript – Possibilities: DOWNLOAD
  • Transcript – Habits of Mind: DOWNLOAD

Padlet: Implications for Teachers and Student

Made with Padlet
Made with Padlet


  • What are the 16 Habits of Mind? – DOWNLOAD
  • The Four Attributes with Habits of Mind – LINK
  • Orchestrating the Movement –  LINK
  • Student Portfolios: the Narrative of Learning: LINK
  • Habits of Mind Chart – DOWNLOAD


For Practice: 


Resourceful Websites:

  • Making Thinking Visible Helps Teachers & Students: LINK
  • Online Courses for Learning Personalized and Habits of Mind: LINK
  • Powerful Tools for Facilitating Thinking: LINK

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