How to Develop Habits for Success: Q&A with Ajay Mathur



Listen in on this Q&A on the Being Yourself channel with Ajay Mathur.

It is like taking a mini-course in Habits of Mind!



Interview Timeline:

00:00 Teaser
00:50 Introduction to the show and guest Bena Kallick
02:28 Bena’s inspiration to get into education from psychology
07:35 What role psychology plays in teaching and learning
10:23 What is open education?
11:26 How to learn the habits of mind?
13:29 16 Habits of mind explained
18:52 How to teach the habits of mind to children
26:10 How to teach kids perfection without its side effects
28:58 How to find humour
31:30 How to operationalise the teaching of habits
35:00 Why so many habits? How are they interrelated?
37:50 How these habits can be learned by organisations and working professionals
40:00 Why core values for the organisations are so important especially in COVID time
41:00 Top three skills that one needs but are not taught in schools
43:43 Future plans and personalised learning with Allison Zmuda
47:29 Concluding notes by Ajay Mathur

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