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eBook Mindful Garden of Verses with bonus Workbook


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What are the Habits of Mind Instructional Animations? The Institute for Habits of Mind has teamed up with WonderGrove Learn to create 16 engaging instructional animations based on the 16 Habits of Mind. These instructional animations come with unique extension lessons for expanded learning and are specifically catered to children 4-8 years of age, in both English and Spanish. The Habits of Mind Instructional Animations will bring each Habit of Mind to life for children all over the world.

Mindful Garden of Verses introduces and explores the Habits of Mind with your students using this engaging collection of 17 poems. This children’s book and accompanying learning resources helps brings the Habits of Mind to life in the early and middle years classroom. Features a poem that reinforces each habit, along with a delightful, colorful collage sure to capture the attention of students from the earliest years to year 8. Easy to use as a read aloud book.

Raising Caring, Capable Kids with Habits of Mind provides many engaging stories and examples for parents to their help children succeed and thrive in school as well as in life. There are practical tips that apply to daily life with children–for issues big and small– everything from managing homework to resolving arguments between siblings to encouraging the reluctant child. This book breaks new ground in taking the Habits of Mind out of the classroom and into the home.  

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