Furr High School

Furr High School

August 10 – 11, 2016

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Habits of Mind: What are they and how do they fit into our curriculum?









Today’s Meet: https://todaysmeet.com/FurrHSXQ

Today’s Meet Transcript: FurrHSXQ – Transcript – TodaysMeet


    • What are the two additional habits that you would choose for the entire school?  Use the polling link on the website to weigh in.
    • Mentimeter Poll: Link
    • Results:


Video: The Skills of a 21st Century Mind in Action

Video: Changing the Subject

Transfer Goals: What are they and how might they drive our work with students:

Building the Habit: Questioning and Problem Posing

Day 2:

Personalized Learning and Habits of Mind

Changing Roles of Students and Teachers in Key Elements of Personalized Learning

  • Chart: 1 pager on key elements of personalized learning and how habits of mind impact the role of teacher and the role of the student PL Elements and Habits of Mind

Cross Pathway Project

Listening with Understanding and Empathy


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