EPIC Update: A Day in the Life of a Learner


By Travis Lape and first published on EdSurge. Travis Lape (@travislape) is a Technology Integrationist at Harrisburg South Middle School in South Dakota, and worked with Harrisburg Freedom Elementary on this project.

Our learners will arrive to school around 8am. Once they arrive they spend some time out on playground until around 8:10am. At that point they come in and go to their home studio. Each learner is assigned a home studio according to their age. This helps with taking attendance and lunch count. Once the learners have done that they then work their way out to the personal flex area where all 94 learners gather for morning meeting—this is where our foundation is built. We focused hard the first 15 days of school building a solid foundation on the Habits of Mind.

After our morning meeting the learners move into our reading block. Learners have a voice and choice in what studio for the week they will attend for their learning journey.

Over the course of four weeks our learners will move through the different learning studios and offerings. Inside the learning studios learners are grouped by their DRA levels for coaching sessions around the skills that are being taught in that studio for the week. Once we covered the skills we moved into genres and each learning studio focused on a different genre and then tied a skill to that genre. As we continue to develop our curriculum to meet the needs of learners our hope is to have larger themes that touch more on their interest.

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