"Launching the Playbook"

A Professional Development Package

The Playbook

Written and compiled by Michelle Hughes, The Habits of Mind Playbook also includes lessons from Dan Vollrath, a veteran Habits of Mind practitioner, in this volume.

The lessons are drawn to bridge the theoretical understanding of the Habits of Mind to their practical teaching and learning and lend themselves to modifications and adaptations that work for your curriculum.

The Program

The Habits of Mind Playbook Package is designed to help schools set in place the means by which they will integrate the Habits of Mind into teaching and learning and school culture.

Estimated Time Frame:

  • 3-4 Months During the School Year
  • Summer Intensive

Package Cost: $5,500

  • Four Virtual Sessions
  • One Day On-Site
  • One free copy of The Habits of Mind Playbook for each participant

Meet the Institute Consultants

Michelle Hughes

Elementary, Middle, and High School

Michelle Hughes is founder of LARC, which provides insights into the Habits of Mind, tools, and vision they need to potentialize as learners. She has worked with a wide diversity of learners and teachers in a variety of settings, developing strategies to support and engage learners in their own growth.

As a school leader and professional development specialist, she has a deep respect for the call to teach and supporting each teacher in their development and practice.

Dan Vollrath

High School

Daniel Vollrath is a special education teacher at Hunterdon Central Regional High School in New Jersey and a Habits of Mind Consultant.

With a strong passion for developing curriculum, building student relationships, and fostering executive function techniques infused with the Habits of Mind, Vollrath has created a more responsive and mindful classroom culture.

The Launch Professional Development Package


Virtual Session

  • Determine the goals of bringing Habits of Mind to your school


On-Site Session

  • Explore the Playbook to identify possible ideas that connect with subject area content, co-curricular experiences, and school-wide initiatives
  • Lay out a plan where and when Habits of Mind can be integrated into instructional practice and classroom/school culture


3 Virtual Sessions

  • Support educators as they implement HOM — assistance with further planning, troubleshooting, and sharing ideas

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