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Individual Practitioner Certification

If you are already using Habits of Mind as part of your daily practice and are committed to nurturing the growth of the dispositions in others, you can pursue becoming a consultant certified by the Institute for Habits of Mind (IHOM).

We work with trainees to equip them through study, implementation, and coaching. Those interested should have a minimum of one year’s active experience with the Habits of Mind in a school or district/organization.

For more information, contact Michele De Bellis.

School Certification

Want to have your school recognized for its commitment to Habits of Mind?   You can become certified as an International Habits of Mind Learning Community of Excellence.  Schools become certified when they show how they are working toward  integrating Habits of Mind throughout curriculum, instructional practices, assessment strategies, and school culture.. This is a continuous journey rather than a status to be achieved — it becomes a “way of being” rather than a “thing to do.” 

When working toward this award, you can engage with certified consultants and mentor schools to guide the process.

Inquiry Into Certification

Reach out to us today to express your interest in Habits of Mind Certification! We will respond as promptly as we can in the order submissions are received.

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