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A Habits of Mind Learning Community is a place where all inhabitants value, display and seek to deepen the Habits of Mind. Evidence may be found in classroom instruction, curriculum design and throughout the school’s physical environment and culture. Parents, care givers, teachers, students, school leaders, learning assistants, library staff and everybody involved in the school community use the language of the habits, and are committed to the deepening, advocating and sustaining Habits of Mind over the long term.

In a Habits of Mind Learning Community practitioners undertake monitoring strategies and action research to gather evidence, to study and learn from the effects of their efforts. School leadership personnel make a clear commitment to model the habits in their own work and facilitate the Habits of Mind to become the norms of the organization.

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Professional Developer/Habits of Mind Trainer Certification

Educators and practitioners of HOM interested in pursuing a process to become an IHOM professional developer/trainer certified by the Institute for Habits of Mind (IHOM) engage in a process designed to equip them through study, implementation and coaching. Those interested in pursuing the process to become a HOM professional developer/trainer should have a minimum of one year’s active experience with the Habits of Mind in a school or district/organization.

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For more information, you can review the FAQs or contact Michele De Bellis, Affiliate and Director of IHOM Professional Development, at michele.debellis@gmail.com.