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What are the 16 Habits of Mind Instructional Animations?

The 16 Habits of Mind are dispositions that empower creative and critical thinking for success in school and in life. The Institute for Habits of Mind, teamed up with WonderGrove Studios to answer the question: “How can we introduce the 16 Habits to children very early in life to build character and dispositions for successful learning?” We created 16 engaging instructional animations each based on one of the 16 Habits of Mind. The Instructional Animations are powerful teaching tools where the behavior for each Habit of Mind is modeled for children by lifelike animated characters. Animation knows no borders and children worldwide fall in love with the Habits of Mind animated characters. The 16 Instructional Animations come with 320 printable extension lessons for expanded learning and are specifically catered to children 4-8 years of age, in both English and Spanish.

Young children need to learn how to persist, listen with understanding and empathy, and manage their impulsivity and thirteen other essential dispositions that will serve them in school, at home, in their community and throughout their lives.

The animations and the lessons can be purchased at WonderGroveKids. They are available as a web license or in a spiral notebook packaged with the animations on a DVD or on a USB drive. You can view the first in the series, Managing Impulsivity, and test it out with your children.

Drs. Arthur Costa, Bena Kallick, and Morton Sherman recognize the potential of marrying the learning engagement of animation to connect young children to with the importance of building habits for learning. Our mission is to educate our children to become thought-full and responsible global citizens.

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