Habits of Mind Animations

What Are the 16 Habits of Mind Instructional Animations?

The 16 Habits of Mind animations provide resources that empower creative and critical thinking for success in school and in life. The Institute for Habits of Mind teamed up with Wonder Media to answer the question: “How can we teach the 16 Habits of Mind to children for successful learning?”

The Instructional Animations, based on the 16 Habits of Mind lessons, are powerful teaching tools where the behaviors are modeled by lifelike animated characters. Animation knows no borders and children across the globe fall in love with the Habits of Mind characters. The animations come with over 320 printable extension lessons for continued learning.

Doctors Arthur Costa, Bena Kallick, and Morton Sherman recognize the importance of utilizing animation to connect young children with lessons in the classroom.

The animations and lessons can be purchased at WonderGrove Learn as a web license or spiral notebook with animations on a DVD or USB drive. Register a free account today to gain a welcome package containing 3 Free Habits of Mind mental health resources!

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