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Graham has been a classroom teacher, a middle leader and a senior leader in schools in the UK and New Zealand from 1992 – 2006, Graham moved into the international educational arena as a presenter and inspirational speaker at conferences around the world. During this time he has become a ‘thought leader’ by challenging educators in the international arena to review their values, strategies and practices as we educate children and young people for unknown futures in an uncertain world. To date, he has spoken at conferences, training events or schools in 18 countries, including international schools in Finland, Poland, Turkey, Oman, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa. He visits New Zealand and Australia each August and has been asked to return to schools for many years many; a sign of his enduring impact on teachers’ professional learning. For the past two years, in addition to this work, Graham helped establish a new educational charity in the UK called the Hawn Foundation. This charity encourages schools and teachers to develop brain-based social and emotional wellbeing as the core of a school culture and is involved in training teachers in the UK, USA and Australia. This role also involved him forming partnerships with leading international universities and global charities as well as talks with the past and present UK Minster for Education. Graham has published books for teachers in the UK and the USA. The latter took the work of Prof Art Costa on Habits of Mind and structured them in such a way that elementary and high school teachers can teach students how to become self directing learners and specifically what to do when the answer is not immediately apparent to them. Graham and Niki Phillips are the co-authors of the innovative HOT Tools, which blend literacy and higher order thinking skills into a unique set of teaching strategies that give students improved cognition skills, speaking and listening skills and enrich extended writing. Graham offers: Introduction to Habits of Mind, Embedding Habits of Mind, Higher Order Thinking Tools, Developing Self Directing Learners with Habits of Mind and Higher Order Thinking Tools, Creative Thinking Gifted and Talented.

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