History’s Habits the Time We Met Our Historical Buddies



Are you ready for a magical journey? Join Esther Estrella and Wizzy the Wizard as they embark on adventures to visit foreign lands and meet famous leaders with Ms. Scarfo’s third grade class! Students, children, moms, dads, teachers, and history fanatics – you will love History’s Habits! The third grade authors of this book invite you to join them on their adventures to far away lands such as Africa, France, Italy, and even some journeys in their very own country, America! Learn about talented artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, and crazy scientists like Nikola Tesla and Louis Pasteur. Read about the struggles that our human rights activists such as Harriet Tubman, Cesar Chavez, Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela endured. Meet some of the courageous women like Marie Curie and Sally Ride, who achieved things that no women had ever achieved before! This book can open doors and teach you all about history’s leaders and the Habits they used, the fun way!

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