Multimedia Examples

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We are eager to see students become more self-regulating.  Many schools use the Habits of Mind as a way to remind students of the importance of controlling behaviors so that they can more successfully conduct themselves as respectful citizens of a thoughtful learning community.

The 16 Habits of Mind by Owen Murphy, VistaHS

Integrating Thinking Routines with Habits of Mind by Maria Murillo, Director, Brighton Teacher Center

From Author James Anderson

Restorative Justice Circles: See below for examples from Montecito Union Public Schools

Habits of Mind Rollercoasters

South Fayette – 2nd grade class with the superb guidance of STEM teacher, Melissa Unger. It is a start on giving tribute to great artifacts.  

Solvay Union Free School District Student Interviews

Boulder Valley School DistrictHarris Cummings HoM Suitcase 2014