Artifacts from Schools

We are eager to see students become more self-regulating.  Many schools use the Habits of Mind as a way to remind students of the importance of controlling behaviors so that they can more successfully conduct themselves as respectful citizens of a thoughtful learning community.

Habits of Mind: Behaviour Improvement

Habits of Mind: Behaviour Reflection

Restorative Justice Circles: example of Montecito Union Public Schools

Clarity and Prevision, Data Through All Senses

Connection to CCSS and HOM

Create_Innovate, Wonderment and Awe Circle

Interdependence and Continuous Learning Circle

Listening with Empathy and Thinking Flexibly Circle

Metacognition and Striving for Accuracy Circle Persistence and Managing Impulsivity Circle

Posing Questions_Applying Past Knowledge Circle

Responsible Risks, Finding Humor Circle