Introduction to Habits of Mind by South Fayette Middle School

Dear Friends of the Habits of Mind,

Help us celebrate 2017 as the 25th anniversary of the development of Habits of Mind.  What started as a simple list of characteristics of successful people has developed into a world-wide force for growing efficacious students and a quest for transforming school culture.

Each month of 2017, beginning in February, one of our certified International Habits of Mind Learning Communities of Excellence will be featured with a virtual school tour.  You can access it on the home page of the Institute for Habits of Mind ( We invite you to visit the featured school each month.    If you want to know more about the certification process, please visit:

To begin this series during the month of January, 2017, students from South Fayette Middle School in South Fayette, PA share their introduction to Habits of Mind using Wonder Media Story Maker™ to bring the Habits to life through animation,

Visit again during February to tour Montecito Union School in Santa Barbara, California.

Your Habits of Mind Coordinating Team:

Art Costa
Bena Kallick
Michele DeBellis

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